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Kitsap Harvest relies on volunteers like you who give their time and energy to help enrich our communities. Click below to register and learn more.

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If you’ve already registered as a volunteer, take a look below at some of our upcoming opportunities and sign up for an open slot. If you’re looking to chat, send us a note at info@kitsapharvest.org

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Donate Crops

If you are a Kitsap County Homeowner, Farmer, Gardener, or Grow A Row Captains with fruit trees or produce on your property, you can help relieve hunger. Kitsap Harvest will provide pickers/gleaners to harvest and donate all or any portion of your produce to those in need.

Why donate

You’ll be helping people in need, and you’ll be part of the larger effort to relieve hunger in our area.

You’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt for your donation of produce.

You’ll be free of the mess created by fruit lying on the ground, which can be an attractant for pests.

How to Donate

Register your crop using our online form. We will contact you and arrange for our volunteers will harvest your produce. Depending on how much you need harvested, crews of 1 to 20 will come to your property and carefully harvest your produce. Additionally, Kitsap Harvest will pick up crops which have already been gleaned.

WHEN REQUESTED, WE WILL SET SOME ASIDE FOR YOU. We would rather have you contact us before your fruit or produce is over ripe. This will help us provide the freshest produce possible as we distribute it.

Food donors may be eligible for tax deductions or tax credits and will receive documentation of crop types and amounts to submit with tax returns.

If you wish to donate a crop from your property, click below to fill out the form, or if you have any questions get in touch with us directly by sending us an email at info@kitsapharvest.org. Be sure to check out the FAQ, as your question may already be answered.