Basic Gardening Resources

Whether you are a seasoned pro or new to gardening, Kitsap Harvest has put together a few resources that will get you started on your first garden, new adventure, or as a back pocket resources.  

  • Interested in connecting with other gardeners, or people who have land for gardening? The Shared Earth website site maybe useful. The liability of working with others on your property is up to you and Kitsap Harvest shares no responsibility with this matchmaking resource.

Pacific Northwest Gardening Resources

  1. A  free online course on Vegetable Gardening, provided by Oregon State University. It is 4-6 hours, on demand, anytime.  
  2. A monthly chore list to keep you on track, by Northwest Edible Life. The author/creator is a NW local and deals with the same climate which is super helpful when trying to figure out when to plant things.  
  3. WSU Kitsap Master Gardeners usually have a booth at the Farmers Market, but due to circumstances those clinic spaces will not be opening. I recommend visiting their webpage and using the online Question Form for specific answers to your questions.

Recommended Printed Resources:

  1. The Maritime NW Garden Guide, published  by Seattle Tilth
  2. Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, by Steve Solomon (many editions, all helpful)
  3. WSU Extension offers a list of free PDF resources for vegetable gardening including building your soil, and pest management.

Advanced Gardening Resources

The following businesses/resources are listed below to help you find what you need as a local gardener. The Kitsap County Master Gardener Program does not endorse nor recommend any of those listed and is not responsible for any omissions. For additional information or questions; call the Kitsap County Master Gardener Hotline: 360-228 7320 and visit the website at

Larger Quantity Manure/Compost/Vermicompost

(smaller bagged quantities usually available at locally at hardware and garden centers)

Olympic Organics – Kingston WA

Compost, soil mixes, accept yard waste and other compostable materials. 360.638.0117

A&L Topsoil Inc.

Compost and soil mixes; Poulsbo pick up; Deliver to entire Kitsap Peninsula. 866-598-4846

Vern's Organic Topsoil - Poulsbo

State certified organic topsoil, also have garden mixes, various and various composts 360-779-2764, 888-841-8877

3in1 Worm Ranch ​- Poulsbo

Worms, vermicompost and worm tea, composters​ 360-598-4242

Port Madison Enterprises Corporation (PME) ​- Poulsbo

Composts, soils, gravels and landscape rocks​ 360-598-1325 gravel yard

Morrison Gravel – Port Orchard

Compost, soil mixes, washed manure​ 360-876-4701

West Sound Landscape Supplies ​– Port Orchard

Cedar Grove compost and FoxFarm Soil mixes​ 360-876-8873 • 253-857-3378

Peninsula Topsoil & Landscape Supplies ​- Belfair

A wide variety of composts and soil mixes​360-275-1000

Purdy Topsoil & Gravel ​– Gig Harbor

Sells LRI Cascade Compost, from 100% recycled yard waste, most of which comes from curbside collection in Pierce County.​ 253-857-5850

Soil Testing - Variety of tests and prices.

Cascade Analytical, Inc​. – WA​ 800-545-4206

Kuo Testing Labs ​– WA​ 800-328-0112

Soiltest Farm​​Consultants ​– WA 509​ -765-1622

U Mass. Cooperative Ext. ​– MA​​ 413-545-2311

Simply Soil Testing ​– WA​​(360) 202-1086

Growing Supplies

Local nurseries offer a variety of seed trays, pots, tags, etc. The following businesses may offer more variety and larger quantities as well as things not available locally. Many also offer greenhouses and supplies. Contact them for their catalogs.

Walt’s Organic Fertilizer ​– Seattle, WA

fertilizers​ 206-297-9092

Steuber Distributing Co. ​– Snohomish WA Call to order​ 800-426-8815

McConkey and Co ​- Sumner, WA​ 800-426-8124

Charley's Greenhouse​ - Mt. Vernon, WA

Hobby greenhouse structures and accessories​ 800-322-4707

Oregon Valley Greenhouses, Inc.​– Aurora, OR

larger greenhouses & supplies​ 800-347-2701

Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply​– CA

Lots and lots of stuff and info of all kinds​ 888-784-1722

Dripworks​– CA

Drip irrigation supplies​ 800-522-3747

Greenhouse Megastore ​– IL

Big variety of supplies of all kinds

Growers Supply​(aka Farmtek) – IA​800-476-9715

Lee Valley Tools – ​Canada

Garden Tools, including bottle top waterers

Sundance Supply​

DIY Polycarbonate greenhouses and coverings​ 888-775-6176

Kinsman Garden​ Bottle top waterers​800-733-4146

Seed Companies

Many of these companies sell certified organic seeds plus other gardening supplies and have really good information on their sites.


Uprising Organics​ WA’s first organic seed company Irish Eyes Garden Seeds​

Ed Hume Seeds

Seattle Seed Company

Filaree Farm​ garlic seed & growing info​ 1-509-422-6940


Victory Seeds​ ​​ 1-503-829-3126

Territorial Seed Company

Nichols Garden Nursery​ ​​1-800-422-3985

Northwest / West Coast:

West Coast Seeds​– B.C.​ 1-888-804-8820

Wild Garden Seed ​– Pacific NW

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply ​– CA​1-888-784-1722

J.L Hudson Seedbank​ - CA old seed company

Kitazawa Seed Co​ – CA Asian vegetables ​


Johnny's Selected Seeds ​– ME​1-877-564-6697

FEDCO Seeds ​– ME​

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds​ – MO

Seed Savers Exchange​-

Wood Prairie Farm​ – ME

Seeds of Change ​- ​​ ​1-888-762-7333

High Mowing Organic Seeds​ – VT 1-866-735-4454

Tomato Growers Supply Company​ 1-888-478-7333

D. Landreth Seed Company ​Americas oldest seed company


Some Web Resources

WSU Gardening

Master Gardener Foundation (seminars, classes)

ATTRA - Nat’l Center for Appropriate Technology Sustainable Agriculture Project – really for farmers, but tons of good info on all organic subjects

Int’l Foundation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM)

The Garden Professors

Grow Northwest Magazine – free monthly paper

Rodale’s Organic Life - Organic Gardening Magazine

Extremely Green - MA

Weekend Gardener (Info by type of vegetable)

Organic Seed Alliance

UW Center for Urban Horticulture/UW Botanic Gardens

City of Seattle “Introduction to Organic Gardening” guide

King County NW Natural Yard and Garden

OSU Extension publication: Fall/Winter Gardening

Cornell University

USDA Soil Education

Growing Styles / Philosophies​​–

Info here on various growing methods you may have heard about:

Ecology Action/John Jeavons - Bio Intensive growing

Permaculture Network – permaculture systems

SPIN Farming – Small Plot Intensive

Square Foot Gardening

Integrated Pest Management:

PNW Vegetable Extension Group (WSU, OSU & U of Idaho)

WSU Hortsense (fact sheets for managing problems using IPM)

EPA IPM fact sheets

Weeds (Our local Noxious Weed Board page and information)

Diseases – photo gallery

Seattle Public Utilities Green Gardening Program

University of Michigan plant diagnostics – What’s Wrong With My Plant

OSU Integrated Plant Protection Center - 2

Grow Smart Grow Safe Consumer Guide – Thurston County


Live weather coverage from Hansville

NOAA National Climatic Data Center

Local Food and Farmers Support and Info Groups:

Tilth Alliance – Seattle Tilth, Tilth Producers, Cascade Harvest Coalition

Kitsap County Agricultural Alliance (info about REALLY local food and producers!)

WA State Farmers Market Assoc.

On-line Garden Planning Sites

Some Helpful Charts

Get Involved!

You can join the many farmers and local non-profits are trying to create a stronger local food system and economy. Check out the Web Resources pages for local agencies. Support local food by patronizing a Farmers' Market. Visit the Washington State Farmers Market Association web site (​​) for a directory of markets near you. Many markets have web sites of their own and/or newsletters about their exciting vendor offerings and events.

Want more education? The Kitsap County Master Gardener Foundation and Program offers classes and seminars.​,​. Seattle Tilth offers several courses and opportunities for you to get more gardening experience. ​​. The UW Center for Urban Horticulture/UW Botanic Gardens in Seattle offer a variety of adult education programs open to the public. 206-685-8033.

Edmonds Community College offers individual classes in horticulture and sustainable agriculture, as well as certificate and Associate degree programs. ​ Of course, growing your own garden is the most direct way to get involved! Check out the P-Patch Programs near you to rent a plot, find out about classes or get more involved. Currently there are P-Patch programs in Bainbridge, Poulsbo and Bremerton. Contact the Parks and Recreation Departments for information.

Recommended Reading

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Hemenway, Toby. ​Gaia’s Garden- A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture​. Holmgren, David. ​Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability.

Jeavons, John. ​How to Grow More Vegetables (than you ever thought possible on less land than you can


Klett, Manfred. ​Principles of Biodynamic Spray and Compost Preparations. Lanza, Patricia.​Lasagna Gardening.

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Rodale Press. ​Insect, Disease & Weed I.D. Guide.

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Soler, Ivette. ​The Edible Front Yard: Mow-Less, Grow-More Plan for a Beautiful Bountiful Garden. Solomon, Steve. ​Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades​.

Solomon, Steve. ​Gardening When it Counts.

Solomon, Steve.​The Intelligent Gardener Starcher, Allison Mia. ​Good Bugs for Your Garden​.

Steiner, Rudolph.​Agriculture Course: The Birth of the Biodynamic Method. Stout, Ruth and Richard Clemence. ​The Ruth Stout No-Work Garden Book. Thorness, Bill. ​Edible Heirlooms for the Maritime Vegetable Garden​.

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