Garden Sites

These gardens grow and donate produce specially for Kitsap Harvest. If you are interested in supporting their work, contact them below or email to learn more.

    Howe Farm Garden is located off SE Mile Hill Drive in Port Orchard. Dan Larson, Program Specialist for Alternatives to Detention, uses the space as a meditative grounding experience for at-risk-youth through the Kitsap County Juvenile Court. Youth are brought out for the garden experience but it takes dedicated volunteers to help maintain that opportunity. This garden is a low maintenance-high reward space consisting of a drip line and a special weed barrier that has greatly reduced the day to day maintenance.
    Contact our Grow-A-Row Coordinator if you have questions or would like to help support this garden.

    Brownsville United Methodist Church’s garden started in 2012 with four raised beds donated by Central Kitsap Food Bank. The garden was used as a children's educational garden first with the kids in the congregation, then expanded a year later to include students from Brownsville Elementary School across the street. Since then they’ve added several more beds with 165 square feet of planting space. Due to the pandemic, teaching at the garden had to be suspended, however they were able to use the space in the meantime to grow food for Kitsap Harvest.
    Contact Victoria Poage if you have questions or would like to volunteer and help out in their garden.